Meet the 2017-18 Freshmen Student Board

You've been introduced to our sophomore student board, now it's time to meet the freshmen!

Meet Elia! He's a Computer Engineering major and the Advisor to the President. Elia says he chose to join ACES because "I was attracted to ACES by the prospect of living with students of similar interests and motivations as me, as well as the opportunities to interact directly with corporate sponsors. That's one of my favorite things about the program so far: my ability to make connections in the real world and talk to someone high up in such a cool government agency."

Last but not least, meet Samantha! She is a Computer Science major and the Freshman Education Coordinator for the ACES Student Board! She says, “My favorite part about ACES is the community. Everyone I am surrounded with is motivated to learn however at the same time makes sure to have fun.”



Shannen is a Computer Science major and the freshman Lab Coordinator! She chose ACES because, "I hope to get a job working for the FBI or something equally important and interesting in the future, so I hope that ACES will help me set up a foundation in my cybersecurity knowledge as well as offer opportunities that could lead me to that goal."



Meet Joseph! He is the Social Coordinator and a computer science major. He says that "One of my goals that I hope ACES will help me achieve is personal growth and a launching point for a successful career."

Published November 6, 2017