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As the first honors undergraduate program in cybersecurity in the United States, the University of Maryland’s Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students (ACES) program is a unique multidisciplinary living and learning and minor program within the University’s Honors College. ACES is designed to educate future leaders from all disciplines in the field of cybersecurity through rigorous, hands-on learning experiences, an intensive interdisciplinary curriculum, collaborative projects, and professional insight from industry and business leaders. 
ACES was built with external partners in mind, offering opportunities for project-based coursework, connections to mentees, and more. Because of the unique nature of the creation of this program and the rising costs of instructors and materials, we request a monetary donation from corporate collaborators to build long-standing partnerships and ultimately gain access to these highly-skilled, sought-after graduates. 
Located at the intersection of public and private industry, and in close proximity to the nation’s capital, the University of Maryland is an ideal location for technology development and partnerships in the cybersecurity field. This provides an opportunity to establish mutually beneficial, strategic relationships between your company and University of Maryland College Park students, faculty, and researchers through ACES.

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As an ACES partner, your company will be recognized throughout the year and will gain brand awareness and recognition by students, faculty, and the broader community of your commitment to cybersecurity education and research at the University of Maryland. Our team will develop a customized engagement plan with your company that can include annual recruitment events, facilitated introductions, invitations to conferences, seminars, research presentations, and more. ACES has seen the most beneficial partnerships built and stewarded through on-campus activities and multiple touch-points with our accomplished students.

Each corporate partnership is unique and we work with our partners to determine an engagement plan that will best meet your short- and long-term strategic goals. We have multiple levels of partnership to help you find the best fit for your company’s priorities. A three-year commitment is encouraged to ensure sustained, productive contact between students, other partners, and ACES.

If you have questions or would like to visit with us to learn more about becoming a Cyber Partner, please contact the ACES staff at (301) 314-7414 or by emailing