ACES Events

Annual Events

Honors Convocation

At the beginning of each academic year, the entire first-year Honors College community comes together to recognize their entrance to the Honors College and welcome them to their journey at the University of Maryland. This event builds on many years of history in the Honors College - it has been held since 2009!

Citation Ceremony

At the end of every semester, the Honors College community comes together again to recongize students who have completed their honors citation from each program within the Honors College.  We also tak this opportunity to recognize the recipients of grants and other awards offered by the Honors College.

Career Fair

Every fall semester, ACES students get the chance to have face to face time with ACES partners at our Career Fair. This is a great way to build connections with ACES corporate partners and learn more about internship and job opportunies with our partners. 

Careers in Cybersecurity Panel

Another chance for ACES students to gain professional development, this is a chance for students to have their questions about working in cybersecurity answered by current proffesionals in the field. These professionals represent a wide variety of the different subsets of Cybersecurity work, including technical security work, academia, and other non-traditional approaches to Cybersecurity, including analyzing the psychology of cyber.

Tech Talks

Tech Talks provide an informal learning environment for organizations to share areas of expertise with students. They are able to network with partners and learn about unique areas of expertise as well as learn about opporutnities for internships or full-time employment.

Diversity in Cyber

This event strives to provide a space for underrepresented voices within the cyber field to share their stories and experiences in order to promote change and celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion. For students, this event provides the chance to see leaers in the field from  typically underrepresetned populations, as well as hear realistic stories and thoughts about the industry. At this event, partners have the opportunity to promote diversity and encourage students, especially female and non-binary students, students of color, and other underrepresented populations to empower themselves in the cyber field.