Living and Learning Together

Live and Learn Together

ACES is one of the UMD Honors College’s 6 Living Learning Programs.The ACES LLP combines challenging cybersecurity course work, professional development, and a close-knit community atmosphere.  

As the program’s name suggests, first and second year students in the ACES Living-Learning program are required to live together in the same on-campus community. ACES is housed in Prince Frederick Hall, a residence hall that opened in August 2014. The building features program offices, conference rooms, entertaining spaces, the specially designed ACES Northrop Grumman Cybersecurity laboratory, and state of the art classrooms.

Both living and working closely together, ACES students forge meaningful academic, professional, and personal relationships. These relationships are fostered not only within the classroom but through participation in extracurricular events, including field trips, educational seminars, professional development workshops, and social gatherings.