The ACES program supports the collaboration with the UMD-Cybersecurity Club by:

  • Marketing and promoting UMD-Cybersecurity Club meetings, competitions and other events
  • Connecting students with resources to further enhance their exploration of cybersecurity
  • Providing opportunities for students to practice or host competitions

The UMD-Cybersecurity Club supports this collaboration by:

  • Establishing and maintaining engaging learning opportunities for all involved students that will promote the exploration of cybersecurity
  • Promoting opportunities for students to get involved with the ACES program

You can check out the UMD-Cybersecurity Club at their website: which has details on talks and workshops available to students! 

You can also find information about upcoming opportunities in the ACES Monday email.

Access to funding for participation in competitions may be available from the ACES program and must be used to support currently enrolled ACES students actively participating in the UMD-Cybersecurity Club. Currently enrolled and active ACES students can request funding using the form found here.