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Consider Giving to ACES

The ACES Program values the support, encouragement, and opportunities it gains from Partners, Friends and Alumni. As ACES continues to enhance its offerings, your contributions can help sustain day-to-day operations, upgrade our technological offerings and support exceptional students in their academic pursuits.Since accepting its first cohort of students in 2013, ACES has expanded its unique Living-Learning component with an academic ACES Minor. In May 2017 the first cohort of ACES LLP and Minor students graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park. The program looks forward to graduating future cohorts and is excited to hear the success stories from our amazing alumni. 
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Share an Opportunity with ACES Students

ACES students have the opportunity to intern full-time and part-time over the Summer (May-August) and Winter (January) terms. ACES Alumni are encouraged to share internship and other professional development opportunities with ACES students by sharing information with

Share your Achievements with ACES

Keep ACES posted about your achievements and let us join you in celebrating your victories and progress. To share your news with ACES, reach out to us on our social media pages or drop us an email at