Program Requirements

  • SFS recipients must complete security-related government internships during the summer term for each year they have received the SFS scholarship. (Post-graduation internships are not required.) The SFS team will support students in searching for these internships. 
  • SFS recipients must complete employment with a federal, state, local, or tribal government agency in a cybersecurity position immediately upon graduation. The period of employment must equal the duration of the SFS scholarship. The SFS team will support students in searching for these full-time positions.
  • SFS recipients must participate in conferences, job fairs, and other off-campus meetings related to the SFS program. This requirement also includes participating in one or more UMD annual career fairs. 
  • SFS recipients must participate in additional information training in security and professionalism.
  • Students must complete the ACES Minor
    • 3 Year Track: Rising sophomores in ACES LLP - Having completed or working to complete the ACES LLP Honors Citation AND applied to and/or accepted in the ACES Minor
    • 3 Year Graduate Track: Rising juniors completing the ACES Minor who will complete an accelerated 1-year graduate program
    • 2 Year Track: Rising juniors and seniors - Having applied to and/or been accepted in the ACES Minor (ACES LLP not required)
  • Students must participate in the CyberConnect Mentoring Program for one year if completing the 2-year track or two years if completing a 3-year track. 
  • Students must be involved in 20 hours per semester (for 2 semesters) of  outreach activities approved by the ACES Program Coordinator
  • Students are required to maintain regular, consistent communication with the ACES Program Coordinator to ensure successful progress in track