ACES Student-Led Club Wins First Prize at Do Good Challenge '24

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App Dev Club, a student club founded by ACES students, won the top prizes at the University of Maryland’s 12th annual Do Good Challenge.

The annual Do Good Challenge aims to inspire students to make a difference for the issues, ideas, and communities they care about. This year, the challenge took place on April 30th at The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, attended by students, staff, faculty, and community members to hear presentations from the competing teams.


The ADC club, which develops software for Fortune 500 companies and helps computer science majors hone their skills while supporting socially impactful corporate initiatives, took home the $5,000 prize in the project category and the $2,500 Audience Choice Award. 


At the event, Matthewos Gashaw from ADC highlighted the limited opportunities for computer science students from marginalized backgrounds to gain industry experience without internships. 

The App Dev Club, led by ACES students, is committed to bridging the industry experience gap for computer science students from marginalized backgrounds. They achieve this through socially impactful projects, such as partnering with Children’s National Hospital and Amazon’s broadband expansion initiative. Additionally, they organize boot camps to familiarize students with industry-standard technologies and connect them with career mentors, demonstrating their dedication to empowering the next generation of computer science professionals. 


It's inspiring to witness the impactful strides made by ACES students through the App Dev Club at the University of Maryland. Through their efforts, ACES students are not only excelling beyond the classroom but also leaving a lasting impact on communities, demonstrating the true power of technology to drive positive change.


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Published May 9, 2024