Former ACES Students Present at SecureComm

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Former ACES students Ryan Eckenrod, Daven Patel, Ashton Webster, and UMD alumna and former Honors College student Margaret Gratian, began research on network scan detection three semesters ago with ACES Director, Dr.Cukier as their advisor. Their research focused on generating a framework for using machine learning algorithms to detect scanning activity on a network and to prevent attacker reconnaissance that often prefaced attacks.

In spring of 2015, they completed a paper on their research and submitted it to the EAI International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks (SECURECOMM). In August 2015, the paper was accepted and Ashton, Ryan, Margaret, and Daven were invited to present their research at the conference in Dallas, Texas. Over 100 papers from researchers around the world on the topic of security were submitted, and only 29 papers were accepted.

Two weeks ago, Daven, Ryan, Ashton, and Margaret attended the SecureComm Conference and had the chance to meet with researchers from across the world regarding a wide range of security topics, including hardware trojans, cryptography, and malware.

Daven, Ryan, Ashton and Margaret were excited to attend such a prestigious event and had a rewarding experience at SecureComm. They hope that they will inspire current and future ACES students to continue participating in the excellent research opportunities available at UMD.  


Published November 9, 2015