ACES Student Creates Parapit

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Rising junior and 2015-2016 ACES Student Board President Greg Bekher created Parapit, a unique cybersecurity live stream and professional network for information security practitioners. Through the Parapit platform, InfoSec professionals can connect with one another and share information, threats and ideas. Learn more about Parapit from its founder Greg Bekher below.

"Parapit is the first of its kind community-based information sharing platform for information security practitioners. Our goal is to create a new type of professional network and threat sharing portal just for cybersecurity folks.

Unlike other closed threat sharing portals aimed at large organizations and enterprises, we cater to the individual. Imagine a Twitter for cybersecurity. Our users will have the opportunity to become better connected to the national and global InfoSec community. 

As someone with several years of experience working in information security, I have noticed a disjunction in the community at large. There is no one-stop shop for open source cybersecurity threat indicators and news. There is no open online community for InfoSec professionals to share their own threats, thoughts, and information.

I find that the wheel is re-invented time and time again in information security. Many professionals do the same analysis and threat hunting, unaware that others have previously done the same. My goal with Parapit is to bridge this gap and create a centralized community that provides live threat information and analysis to all of our users.

The main goal is for Parapit to become a front page for cybersecurity folks, something they can keep open in their browser while defending their networks against the bad guys. We are currently in active development, and aim to launch a limited beta by the end of 2016.”

More information on Parapit is available here.(link is external)


Published June 21, 2015