Maria is a second-year ACES student from Washington, D.C. (originally Madrid!) majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Chinese. She joined ACES because she wanted to be part of a living and learning program with like-minded people. When choosing her Honors College LLP, she knew that ACES would be the place for her to find people with the same interests. As a program of students with similar interests, she also knew it would be a tight-knit community, which she was looking for during the college application process. Additionally, ACES students are all hardworking and driven, and that's the environment she wanted to be a part of. She was a Sprintern in Break Through Tech's Sprinternship Program and is a Co-Director of Education at Hack4Impact-UMD.  She wanted to run for Student Board because she wanted to have the ability to make ACES an even more welcoming and tight-knit community. For her, the sophomores and her peer mentor played a significant role in her adjustment to college life because of how kind, welcoming, and positive they were during the first few weeks on campus. She wants to be able to have that positive impact on current and future ACES students, too. Her role on the student board gives her the ability to enact positive change.

In her free time, Maria loves to spend time with friends, plan trips that may or may not actually happen, read, binge-watch shows (some of her favorites are BBC dramas), and talk to her family.