ACES Program staff are working remotely to protect community health. Please connect with us via phone and email.

Once a week, ACES mentors travel to local schools to work with students for about 2 hours.  Mentors also set up extra practice sessions for students at UMD as the competition approaches, as well as oversee the students during competitions throughout the year. Mentors teach students how to secure computers running various operating systems from Windows 7, to Windows Server 2016, to Ubuntu. Students are introduced to the basics of Linux operating systems and common *nix utilities like grep, as well as to important concepts such as regular expressions and computer networking. They are also instructed on Windows system administration with a particular focus on cybersecurity. Ultimately, the students are taught how to locate, identify, and correct insecure system and service configuration settings.

Currently, CyberPatriot involves 3 separate programs.  There is a high school program at Eleanor Roosevelt High School as well as a high school and middle school level program at College Park Academy.  Each program has about 2 mentors.

CyberPatriot is a great opportunity for students to engage with the local community and inspire younger students to get more involved with the cybersecurity field.  

Applications open in the fall and positions last through the school year (two semesters).  Applicants should be available on at least one weekday from 3:00-6:00.

Ana Gutierrez-Gamez

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