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What is CyberEdu?

For the CyberEDU project, students in HACS100 work in groups and select some sort of issue relating to cybersecurity. From there, they conduct research in an effort to create either a video about the topic or the storyboard for a game about the topic. At the end of the semester, the students present their storyboards and videos. 

What is the goal of CyberEdu?

The purpose of CyberEdu is to educate college students about basic cybersecurity skills and practices. Not all students have the opportunity to learn from the ACES program yet all students are deeply connected to cyberspace. CyberEdu will help to create an educated online community at the University of Maryland.

Where did CyberEdu come from?

CyberEdu is a collaboration project between ACES and the Divison of Information technology. The initial ACES cohort came up with the idea for CyberEdu during the first semester Project NEThics assignment. From there, project lead Bobby Crumbaugh developed the project further, bringing in other ACES students to build the gaming environment. This project has received constant support from Amy Ginther, UMD DIT and Dr. Michel Cukier, Director of the ACES Program.

How can you get involved?

A call for leadership team members is typically announced at the end of the fall semester. Amy Ginther, Division of Information Technology Project NEThics/Security IT Specialist, welcomes contact from students interested in the project at any time

For more information

Contact Amy Ginther at or 301-405-2619.