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ACES' Competition Team began in Fall 2013. The team represents the University of Maryland in almost every major competition in the area, including the National Cyber League and the Maryland Cyber Challenge. The team meets once a week to learn and practice their cybersecurity skills. Some meetings are lectures lead by the team leaders, but most of them are hands-on activities and practice. The meetings focus on the offensive side of cybersecurity to complement the defensive-centered coursework provided in most cybersecurity courses.
In Spring 2017, the competition team placed second in the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (MACCDC). MACCDC is an “inherit and defend” competition, where each team is given a network infrastructure representing a company’s network.

The Competition Team is open to all ACES students. No experience is necessary. 

The Competition Team gives students hands-on experience using both offensive and defensive cybersecurity skills. Learn from and will your fellow ACES peers and put your knowledge to the test. 

Contact ACES Staff or the Team president George Hughey to learn more about how to get involved. The weekly meeting information is shared in the ACES Monday email, so check there for where and when the next meeting is!

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