Social Chair

Aaryan Patel is a sophomore Computer Science major from Clarksburg, Maryland. Aaryan joined the ACES Living Learning Program because, for him, a career in cybersecurity has always been his goal. He was looking for a way to expand his programming knowledge related to cybersecurity and learn more about the industry in general. Cybersecurity and incident response has always been a passion of his since a young age, and he was excited to be surrounded by peers in the program who felt the same way as him.

Aaryan is also involved in CSSAB, which is the Student Advisory Board for the entire Computer Science department and holds a leadership position within the board as well. Additionally, Aaryan participates in volleyball intramurals every semester with friends and ACES members.

Aaryan joined the ACES student board to help continue to foster the strong sense of community and friendship within the ACES program he experienced his freshman year. He remembers how welcomed he felt by the program members the year ahead of him and by the board members themselves. This was in no small part due to the social events the ACES board held to bring the community together, and Aaryan feels honored to be able to continue this sense of community with the new ACES cohort.

A fun fact about Aaryan is that he played competitive volleyball for 10 years, and continues to do so here on campus. He's always looking to go to open gyms with other ACES members!