Making the World a Better Place

ACES students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are united by a commitment to academic excellence, a passion for making the world a better place, and a desire to learn both in and out of the classroom. Committed to promoting diversity, ACES welcomes students from any background as long as they are dedicated to learning about the world of cybersecurity.

ACES Majors

ACES students specialize in a number of different areas while employing skills they learn studying cybersecurity. Some students have a background in computer science, but many begin working in-depth with computers when they begin college.

52 percent of ACES students are computer sciences majors, 37.5 percent are engineering majors, and 11 percent have majors outside of those fields. Those outside computer science and engineering have majors in business, mathematics, criminology, and psychology.


Majors Outside of Computer Science and Engineering

Engineering Concentrations

ACES Majors