Student Profiles

As a program, ACES works to showcase the diversity of our students and their achievements in the academic setting and beyond.

 Jordan Schneider, Class of 2019

Major: Math Major, Computer Science Minor

Hometown: Rockville, Maryland

Fvorite Spot on Campus: Meditation garden near the chapel

Career Interests: "I'm currently hoping to go into cause prioritization research for GiveWell or The Global Priorities Project."

Sydnee Shannon, Class of 2017

“ACES and cybersecurity has definitely opened up a whole new world of coding and different ways to look at problems and solve problems." 

Major: Math Major, Computer Science Minor

Hometown: Ellicott City, Maryland 

Career Interests: “In addition to cryptography, I’m interested in looking at other ways that math and computer science are working together in more application based ways.”

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Stephanie Pomrenke, Class of 2018

"ACES provides both a community of very interesting people and a constant reminder of the importance of the issues of cybersecurity that we talk about in class and will likely face in our jobs and personal lives from now on."

Major: Computer Science, with the possibility of a second major in Linguistics

Hometown: Montgomery County, Maryland

Favorite Spot on Campus: The various little gardens on campus.

Favorite Museum in DC: National Gallery of Art

Career Aspirations: I want to be able to combine the technical skills I'm learning with my natural affinity for language.  I just don't have a specific "dream job" yet.

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Daniel Chen, Class of 2017

"ACES is pretty fun experience with lots of opportunities to get into cybersecurity. The best part about it is living with people who share the same interests."

Major: Double Major in Computer Science and Economics

Hometown: Potomac, Maryland

Favorite Spot on Campus: The tennis courts

Favorite Museum in DC: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Career Aspirations: Software developer, perhaps even with my own startup. 

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Anna Shields, Class of 2018

"ACES has been wonderful so far. I am learning so much in my classes and from my friends. The people are amazing and there are so many great opportunities."

Major: Psychology with Minors in Global Terrorism and Middle Eastern Studies

Hometown: Salisbury, Maryland

Favorite Spot on Campus: The Mall

Favorite Museum in DC: The International Spy Museum because there are so many fascinating things to learn. Even though I have been a few times, there is always something new.

Career Aspirations: A behavioral or intelligence analyst studying motivations.

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Radhika Kshirsagar, Class of 2017

"ACES has given me the opportunity to find my family within the realms of this large university. The living and learning aspect of the program fosters a tight knit community of bright and motivated individuals inside and outside the classroom that I'm so honored to be a part of." 

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: Morganville, New Jersey

Favorite Spot on Campus: Garden of Remberance outside of Memorial Chapel

Favorite Museum in DC: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History because it appeals to all ages with the most creative exhibits. My favorite is the "Beyond Bollywood" exhibit they recently added. 

Career Aspirations: Software developer and a part time photographer

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