Project Delta

Project Delta is a non-profit social enterprise connecting the collegiate hacker community with Non-Governmental Organizations, NGOs, to deliver software solutions for emerging social issues.

Sean Bae and Colin King, both class of 2018, began Project Delta to work with NGOs to design clearly defined, technically viable problems the hacking community could address. 

Bae and King began Project Delta after attending a social hackathon in late 2014, where they built a system to report hazardous factory working conditions to labor union leaders in Bagladesh. When the pair showed their demo to the Solidarity Center, the organization had no idea how to deploy the project they built or how to make it available to workers in need.

While at the hackathon, Bae and King realized that there was a large demand for technical work to assist NGOs. Fourteen NGOs submitted problem statements at the hackathon, but students only addressed three of them. 

Hackers knew how to hack, NGOs knew what they needed, but there was a distinct disconnect between the two to produce a working product for social change.

Project Delta aims to carry hacking teams through the product development cycle and onto product deployment with interested NGOs. Project Delta hoped to facilitiate the production of hacker inspired solutions for NGOs.

Eventually, Project Delta is working to develop a community of students who believe in the power of technology to empower individuals to achieve social change.