Education Outreach at Maryland Cybersecurity Center

The Maryland Cybersecurity Center (MC2) is an academic center on the University of Maryland campus that brings together faculty, researchers, and students working in the field of cybersecurity from several schools and departments across campus. MC2 offers educational outreach programs to address the issue of an insufficient and ill-prepared workforce to combat domestic and international cybersecurity threats, particularly in a field that is constantly evolving.
Every year, ACES students collaborate with MC2, taking on positions such as Camp Instructors, Resident Assistants, and Teaching Assistants. MC2's educational programs cater to pre-college students, undergraduates, and graduate students.
MC2 organizes Cybersecurity Awareness Workshops throughout the academic year for girls in grades 6-8, and hosts the following camps in the summer:
  • CyberSTEM Camp - a one-week commuter summer program for middle school (incoming 7th and 8th grade) girls.
  • Intermediate CyberSTEM Camp - a one-week commuter summer program for high school (incoming 9th and 10th grade) girls.
  • Cyber Defense Training Camp- an intermediate level 7 day residential summer program for high school men and women (rising juniors and seniors).

To learn more about MC2's educational outreach programs, visit or contact Jessica Harrington, Graduate Assistant for Educational Outreach, at