Competition Team


As members of the ACES Competition Team, students work together to apply their technical expertise, knowledge of theory and ethics to solve problems and complete objectives during cybersecurity competitions. The team began in Fall 2013 and currently has more than 30 students.

The team represents the University of Maryland in almost every major competition in the area, including the National Cyber League and the Maryland Cyber Challenge.

In Spring 2015, the competition team placed second in the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (MACCDC). MACCDC is an “inherit and defend” competition, where each team is given a network infrastructure representing a company’s network. The teams were each given a metropolitan transit system following the theme, Operation Transit Storm.

Participating teams must defend their system from the red team, the “Hakistan Army,” try to find “flags” in their systems and keep their service running all while complying with customer needs. During the competition, teams are scored on their customer service availability, number of flags captured and business injects.

During the competition, the team does not have access to the Internet except for a single laptop across the room that is disconnected from the infrastructure but offers Internet access. Any required software guides or other interest resources must be downloaded and transported through a USB drive. 

Each team is required to submit a video (seen right) introducing team members before the start of  MACCDC. After much debate, the Spring 2015 team created a montage of exercises with an ACES twist.