ACES Minor Overview

The Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students (ACES) program is a four-year Honors College program focused on cybersecurity education. Designed in a two plus two model, ACES includes the ACES Living-Learning Program for freshmen and sophomores and the more advanced upper-level ACES Minor for juniors and seniors.

The ACES Minor

The ACES Minor takes a multidisciplinary approach to cybersecurity in which students gain knowledge about many of the fields (criminal justice, business, public policy) that intersect in cybersecurity. With an emphasis on hands-on experiences, students will gain practical skills through coursework, seminars, group projects, internships, and research, both on and off campus. Students will also have the opportunity to participate with students in the ACES Living-Learning Program as peer mentors, tutors, and advisors. The minor program will also include regular interactions with corporate and governmental leaders in cybersecurity, who will serve as both mentors and professional contacts.


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