Prince Frederick Hall

Prince Frederick Hall opened in August 2014 and houses 462 students in a combination of singles, doubles and four person semi-suites. ACES Living-Learning Program students are required to live in Prince Frederick Hall for 2 years, the entirety of the living-learning program. Living-learning program students live together in Prince Frederick Hall as one community, creating friendships that extend beyond the classroom.







              Housing both the ACES Living-Learning Program and DCC (Design | Cultures + Creativity), the building features program offices, conference rooms, entertaining spaces, the specially designed ACES Northrop Grumman Cybersecurity laboratory, and state of the art classrooms. Prince Frederick Hall has large ground-level, group meeting spaces that house many of the living-learning program meetings and programs.






The building has a lounge and study space located on each floor and students have access to both interior and exterior bike parking. The building is designed with sustainable energy efficient features and is a certified "green" building.












                 Each study space is designed for quiet study                                                         The lounges provide students with an area

                and is equipped with tables and white boards.                                              to socialize and contain couches, tables and a sink space.












                   Common area bathrooms and gender-neutral                                                              Bathrooms are spacious and include

                        bathrooms are available on each floor.                                                                      both shower and changing areas.